About Devin’s Version

Devin’s Version is a documentary dance film whose mission is to To bring the community into the world of the autistic through the vehicle of dance, and awaken reflection, empathy, and understanding of the wholeness of the autistic experience – the joys, sorrows, gifts, and challenges of living with autism.

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To learn more, email bethvstone@gmail.com

What do we hope to accomplish with Devin’s Version?

  • Teachers are empowered with a more empathetic understanding of the world as perceived by the autistic are able to have more productive engagement with students with autism.
  • First Responders are provided the tools – understanding and empathy – to engage with the autistic and their families in less traumatizing and more productive ways.
  • Fellow students become sensitized to the unseen life experience of their friends and classmates with autism.
  • The Community at large becomes more diverse in its ability to positively respond rather than react in our listening and response. Acceptance and understanding are the fruits of these connections.


The creation and development of the interpretive dance, as well as the final production, will be filmed as a documentary.
Part of the creation process will be dance/movement sessions with parents of autistic children, and autistic adults, to gather an authentic vocabulary for the creation of the interpretive dance.
From the first interviews, into the movement sessions and final premiere performance, we will enable the community to enter into the world of the autistic through the vehicle of dance.